Welcome to Aikido Retreat at Granlibakken 2024

Thanks for visiting our site. We want to share with you this exciting opportunity to become part of an incredible and unique experience where you will be totally immersed in the study of Aikido and the principles passed down by O’Sensei. This is one of only a handful of retreats where you have a chance to study Aikido for five hours or more per day with teachers who are well accomplished leaders in the Aikido community.

During this Retreat you will have access to the teachers, share a meal, engage in conversation, and train with them on the mat.  Consider attending this retreat and you may find yourself training with a 6th or 7th Dan who will be very generous with their practice.

Our focus is to bring people together from all walks of life with a range of experiences in Aikido, to strengthen community, develop resilience, and to enhance lifelong friendships.

One of the unique features of the retreat is the mentoring program. It is important that Aikido has quality teachers who will continue O’Sensei’s dream of spreading Aikido throughout the world. Becoming a competent teacher takes time, dedication and a specialized skill set.  The mentorship program at the Aikido Retreat at Granlibakken provides candidates with the opportunity to refine their teaching skills and receive guidance, constructive feedback, and gain critical insights by working with a mentor throughout the week culminating in teaching a class.  In addition, you can develop a personal relationship with your mentor that goes beyond the time spent at the Retreat.  Please see the mentorship program page and complete the mentorship application or contact Michael Friedl Sensei at [email protected] if your have any questions.

And we have a remarkable and spectacular environment in which all this can happen.  Granlibakken Resort is located in Tahoe City, California, in North Lake Tahoe. It is a family owned resort with a a very large hot tub, a sauna and a swimming pool, tennis courts, hiking trails, a ropes course, and Lake Tahoe just down the road. Some people arrive in their car on the 1st day and do not leave the resort grounds until they drive home at the end of the week. The accommodations are comfortable, the mat space and temporary dojo space is wonderful, and the cuisine is deserving of its 5 star rating. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or have special dietary needs, rest assured that you will eat well.

For over 45 years the “Aiki Follies” has provided marvelous entertainment on the last evening of the Retreat. A fabulous way to spend the last evening of retreat with friends, kicking back and enjoying the antics of a variety of talented people who entertain and provide everyone with much laughter and tender hearted moments. 

So please give the retreat some serious consideration. This is your chance to improve your Aikido, deepen your understanding of the principles that O’Sensei shared with us, and learn how to make them applicable in your daily life.

In Peace and Harmony,

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