Mission Statement

Aikido Retreat at Granlibakken offers a total immersion experience where people of all ages can train safely with a sense of vibrancy and joy. In this unique learning environment, we can be open to new ideas, embrace the teachings of O’Sensei and apply the principles of Aikido, both in our dojos and in “today’s world.”

The founders of this retreat value the importance of the role that mentorship plays in the continued growth of Aikido in the US and throughout the world. We are delighted to offer a unique opportunity for several students each year to enhance their wisdom and perspective by co-teaching with us and receiving feedback. The goal is to collaborate, explore, and uncover new ways to become more effective teachers. 

The Aikido Retreat at Granlibakken invites students and teachers of all styles to come together in fellowship, to support each other, to realize our potential as compassionate, resilient and self-aware human beings, and build long lasting friendships.